Is it possible for a script to shoot/use weapons in a car/seat?

As the obvious title suggests, I’m wondering if there’s a plausible way for the freedom to shoot a gun while in a car, or seat. I ask this, because this idea would’ve most likely been thought over, or even discussed.

If it is possible, would anyone step up and take initiative to make such a script?


E: Also, I am aware of someone else ‘requesting’ this idea. But I hardly count it as a decent original post. [He types like he ate paint chips when he was young.]

Uh I believe if there is a way, you would have to make a new vehiclescript for the seat. I don’t think you can just make a addon and it work for all seats.

Not saying that it would be an addon, it would prove to be very useful if this was implemented for servers.

Can you say, Drive by?

This does sounds cool. Using this on RP servers would be really nice to add to the ‘gangster’ effect.

This question has been asked about… i dont know… 1 million times? no one seems to have perfected it, you would have to redo the model for the car since the keeps sides have clips on them.