Is it possible for someone to make a character skin of me?

I wanna make a popular Gmod music video for my well known rap song.

Well first we need to know what you look like

First I need to kno is it possible

sure it’s possible.

it’s also possible to make basically anything through 3d.

Possible? Of course.

Probable? Likely not.

Highly doubt you have a SLIGHTLY well-known rap.
And very few succeed with making popular videos anyways. Aaaand a LIIIITTLE more info won’t hurt.

I’m a rapper that’s getting quite a buzz in NYC so check me out and trust me the video will be popular I’m not worried about that

With those 43 fans of yours?


Ha i just signed up to the site and those are only people who are signed up to the site. Stop deterring from the subject though. I asked a simple question so don’t post in here unless you intend to answer it and not try to be the class clown.

How do you want your skin then? A tiny bit of info wouldn’t hurt…

Yeah really, people won’t answer requests unless they know what they’re getting into.

I just want the face done not based on the pic on that page though. I jus want the face to look somewhat like mines. I just wanna know if anyone could do it first, then I’m going to the give the project a green light.

Anything can be done… Just give us the FRIGGIN PICTURE.

I heard requests dont get taken very often so i just wanna know if anyone is down to do it first before i give the project a green light.

If someone is willing to do it, tell me, and ill talk to the other group members.

Why not just GIVE US THE GOD DAMN PICTURE(s) and let us see ourselves? Don’t make things harder than it needs to be.

Yeah, if you give us the picture, some people have special software for making facemaps from a photograph of your face. Make sure you take shots of the front, sides, and back, though. Someone asked for this once and got it by doing that (the facemap had to be based off of male_07 because of the shape, but it was otherwise derived from the photos)

Ok well i get a haircut today so imma take the pics after that ahhaa

Take photos of you exactly like my sample down there.

Take them as sharp and high-resolution as possible and we can easily create a new facemap.

Yeah, don’t use a shitty camera like one on a cell phone.

Err. Could someone please tell me how this facemap-thing works? :buddy: Just merge and stretch them a little in Photoshop or…?

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What if you have a reeeaally good cell-cam? :v: