Is it possible my house made of wood disappears?

I read on wood walls etc. will disappear after 5 days. Will this only happen to walls you randomly placed on some foundation or could it happen my whole house will turn into nothing?

If you place a shelter, and a door, and you do not use the door for 5 days, that shit will be gone.

(Based on what someone else said).

Decay on wooden structures starts after 24 hours and will eventually remove the whole structure.

The shack disappears in 8 hours.

This cant be true …

Everything will disappear at some point. Wooden foundations will take longer than the walls that are built on them, but it’s still a couple days.

I don’t have a source but it only takes 15 seconds to have the wood to build one, it shouldn’t be permanent.

I know it’s around the 8 hour mark. I’ve had friends who have had shacks with a metal door disappear overnight.