Is it possible someone could help me optimize my server?

Recently, I have had a problem with some of my players trying to connect to the server and get the following errors in their console.

I’ve contacted the hosting GMChosting about this issue and they said it has to be something with my addons so I was wondering if someone could assist me.

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In the title of this thread your are asking for help with optimization and in the thread itself you ask help with a problem because there is an error in your loading screen?

Yeah I fixed it now but it’s still like messed up.

I dont know what you have fixed, but if you read what it says in console you can clearly see that those error say that something is wrong with your loading screen and your FastDL. Both of those have nothing to do with a problem with your addons but the FastDL issue will cause missing models and textures.

I was able to fix the problem with my loading screen and removed the fastDL that I was using, I didn’t have anything on there anyways.

But still having the issue.