Is it possible to add items from

I’ve been having a look through’s addons and they’re better than some of the workshop items, is it possible to add the’s addons to a DarkRP server?

Yes, download them and just add them…

and they don’t need like ID’s like the workshop did?

Download the addon folder, upload the contents to your /addons/ folder.

Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Some of them may be outdated though, so you may need to be prepared to update files.

Like Acecool said, most of the things from are all old/outdated and require sometimes large
amounts of updating, from what I’ve seen so far a lot of things still use glon and datastream too.

Yeah, I’ll be prepared for that.

If you come across older addons, this may prove useful.
Change the upper right drop down menu from suggesting to viewing.

Have you even tried to read that document? People have murdered it.

Too easy to restore it though:

Or you can simply switch mode to “Viewing”.

But there will be no missing textures on any of the stuff as long as fastdl is set up, right? Ive never actually used anything from because I was unsure if it would work or not.

If you install right, you’ll be fine. It’s the same as installing from Workshop, just a tiny bit more involved.

just download them and install them correctly and you will be fine :slight_smile: