Is it possible to attach a texture to a door?

Well, I want to put something like the Block Light on a door. Does anyone possibly know how I could attach the two entities, and make them move with eachother and such?

Can’t be done with blocklight. That blocks lightmap light, which can’t be changed once the map has compiled. A brush with blocklight that moves simply won’t do anything.

Well, is there any way to block light through a door?

Don’t bother. If you’ll notice, even Valve don’t worry about this in their maps. No-one’s gonna call you a bad mapper if your doors let light through.

Yeah, true. I kind of wish you could block it though, it would look a lot better. Thanks though. ^^

Hopefully Portal 2 will introduce real dynamic lighting so this may become a possibility.

Um, you could always make a func_door or a func_door_rotating with the block light texture, with the same size of the door, have it turn at the same speed and for the same amount of time/distance as the door, and have an output on the door so that when it’s opened the func_door or w/e you end up using opens as well, and the same for when it closes.

My english teacher would kick my balls off if she saw that run-on sentence. :v:

Block light brushes can’t move.

Once they are compiled, the lightmaps stay the same. Source doesn’t have fully dynamic shadows so the light will go through it.

No one tells me anything anymore. Well, if you want there to be no light coming from the door way at all I suppose you could still do that (If I understood correctly, it will block light from its origin only, can still move but the shadow will remain where it is).