Is it possible to blacklist every single thread on this board? This is just getting annoying.

Seriously, Garry. I understand you’re happy about your new game and stuff but why are there 800 new members and why are all of them 12? I thought this was exactly the reason we had closed registrations.

These topics are all terrible and they’re showing up in Newly Created Threads and clogging up my whole “Read” page. Is there a way to just ignore this entire board?

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i would like a key i am 14 so i am not 12!
does anyone know hot to get one

Your avatar fits perfect.

Wow… Really?

i just got six PMs from people asking for rust keys. none of them have more than three posts.

garry you’ve created a literal pest swarm i hope you’re happy

PM me for keys!

I wonder if I’ll crack double digits

First reply proves OPs point.

Good job.

i can’t agree more! why?

garry look at what you’ve done

are you proud of yourself

you made a zombie game but instead of zombies it’s 12 year old youtubers and your own goddamn website is the base they’re assaulting

Can we make Facepunch 18+? Please?

just make me a mod on this forum

please garry

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i’ll clear this shit up REAL quick

Something they could probably do is if you have under a certain post count or have joined recently and attempt to post a thread, it brings up the sticky about not asking for keys and such as a reminder. Not even in just the Rust section as as most of you have seen some are asking in other sections and even unrelated threads. Then again, given how many people just half read stuff(like those who have 10 youtube followers apparently only reading up to “if you are a youtube streamer”), it would probably be a waste.

People just don’t care, which I think is the problem.


I think only people with keys should be able to post. That way it stays on track with what’s going on in game and bugs etc.

They don’t read other threads before they post their own stupid threads, it is severely clogging up the forums

We could team up, I’m a foreign college student who went back to his country to see his parents, , plus it’s ramadan, so no food, no drinking , no smoking, no fucking, so I have barely anything to do during the day, plus i’m not in the mood of being flexible and tolerant, shit would be cleared the second it’s dropped.

The only good thing that comes out of all these idiots is the entertainment.
It’s funny looking at the sad pathetic threads begging for keys

Even if it is 18+ kids will get around it (fake birthday dates).

It’s funny for about five minutes, but this has been going on for like a week now.

let’s not recreate the spork-juct incident

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A+ automerge