Is it possible to buy a betakey?

I’ve seen alot of people begging for beta keys, but im not asking about that as you can see in the title. Im just curious if it is possible to buy yourself in the Alpha. Me and two friends would really kill for this game so is it possible to buy a betakey from dev/publisher?

not at this time no.
i have asked them about something like a kickstarter.
but have not receiver any answer.

I think they would earn alot of kickstarter or just selling betakeys.

Then is anyone willing to sell me a betakey, I do not know if this is allowed. Sorry :confused:

At the moment, Garry doesn’t need any money.
He already told the people on this forum, he doesn’t need any money and so, he is not going to sell Beta keys. (at the moment)

I’m just repeating what i’ve read in his posts.

Thanks for clearing this up for me, anyhow how is it possible to not need anymoney?

Damn, he must have loads :smiley:

You’ll get a key if you buy gold. I promise.

Buy gold, lol?

There are probably people willing to trade accounts for steam games out there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are you trying to give me a hint? ^^

Wait, if you want to buy a key. Why not use GOOGLE? One of the most famous sites in this world! Have you heard of GOOGLE? People selling keys and accounts are everywhere!

Wait, i’ve searched alot on GOOGLE. That is how I got here. I got here from GOOGLE. But everything looks SHADY. Would you WASTE your money one something that does look SHADY. If you would you’re a stupid SHIT.

Oh, really? You just stated that your so dumb that you cant find TRUSTED people with VOUCHES and REPS on their profiles.


I heard something on reddit is going on.

You’re starting to look mad. Guess life is treating you bad today.

Selling my key for 20 dollars. Deal or no deallllllllllllll

Ty, i’ve checked it out. But does not look like luck is in my favor

I’ve really been waiting for that 2011 comment ‘‘Mad’’. Congratz, for real.

I have no clue what you mean by “that 2011 comment”, guess you’ve been bitching alot on forums, so people must have been telling you that you have had a bad day since 2011. Anyhow, if you’re going to continue to write completely nonsense here please stop.

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That was a joke right, I mean with getting a key from gold membership?

Looks like Norwegians and Swedes doesn’t get along very well ^

You could probably find a guy and buy the account from him. Many players stopped playing because currently there are only 59 people online which is a huge decrease.