Is it possible to buy a betakey?

Thanks for the info, you know anyone that is trustable and willing to sell, maybe it’s wrong to ask a favor when i just replied to yourpost, hehe

Norwegians and Swedish people get along really well! But angry retards does not get along with anyone ^^

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People stopped saying stuff like ‘‘you mad?’’ for about 1,5 years ago. Yeah, you can tell me that I’ve had a bad day, but I’ve probably had an alot better day than you.

I never said anything like “you mad” I said “You’re starting to look mad. Guess life is treating you bad today.” Which in fact you did, you acted like you were very mad. But what does this thread have in common with what people stopped saying years ago? As I said, would you please stop posting your complete garbage here, I almost forgot. Would you please get a mop and clean your shit up before you go. It is starting to smell…

Actually, I didn’t go close to mad there, but sure. Some people always say that people are mad for stating some true facts, in this case you. Typing that last sentece really show how much of an unmature kid you are.

gold member is only 10$ so GL man

If you aren’t up to speed- if you own a title when redeeming your code simply enter {title=“YourName”} at the end of your beta code. Rust server will then check if you own a title and enter you in a miniscule chance of winning, so make sure you either a) buy a title and get a key off a friend or b) buy gold AND a title.


I’ve got a title so I was entered into the draw.

I’ll sell my account for £20.

Buy Goldmember, the Facepunch upgrade, for a key.

A kickstarter for Rust is a retarded idea. Kickstarters are for people who can’t release something due to money restrictions.

Okay for the two people who werent very clear on their answers, this is what I got from it. I have to buy a Gold Membership and a New Title and then what? Am I put into the this random draw automatically or what? How do i get a beta key to do that whole title shit. Also please explain it like your talking to an infant…

people tryin to scam people outta money its pathetic. garry said he isnt giving out anymore beta keys and buying a title or gold will not get you a key

You’re not gold, so who are you to say it’s a lie? I hardly ever joke on this forum. Buy gold and you’ll see the light.

nah see I got a big supply that just fell off a truck. Me and don staplini are the only key pushers round here. Send me a pm. By the way the mafia doesn’t exist, and if anybody says anything different I’ll kill them