Is it possible to change third person animations for default weapons?

I wanna make a ridiculous yet simple mod that makes the Crowbar’s third person idle animation the same as having no weapon (i.e having the crowbar down), while maintaining the hitting animation and what not.
Is it possible to edit the default Crowbar’s third person animation? if so, what .lua file do i open and what section of the file do i edit?

Your best bet is moving the bones themselves using lua, for that you should post in the coding forums, but if you really want to do it with the models, it’s nigh impossible, it’s very hard coding, you have to add the animation to the m_anm / f_anm / z_anm animations yourself, and modifying those is a whole other story, a good example is the prone mod, which will also most likely not work if you make third person animations yourself, the way it works is that if you modify the animations and upload it as an addon, the default animations will be replaced, so more than a single mod that changes the 3rd person animations will cause conflict, that’s why it’s not really an option to change them properly, unless another way is found.