Is it possible to contribute 3d models for rust?

Just played around little bit to do this.

So its just some concepting really. :slight_smile:
How ever would be cool to know if its possible to contribute 3d-models for Rust.
And what would be the triangle count to aim for?

Anyways what would you think about water cooled stationary MG. I think it would be quite cool
weapon to defend your base when getting raided. Would also help solo player
to defend their base against bigger clans.

Of course some fu**er would just spend all time by shooting random people on outside directly from base then.
But they do it already anyways.

If you wanna see some of my works from old happy modding times. Here is Dragunov.

At the moment, only t-shirt designs are being accepted into the Steam Workshop for Rust community content, but the devs intend on expanding community contributions over time. I imagine eventually this will extend to new models. I have no idea what the requirements would be, and I’m not sure the devs know at this point either (aside from whatever requirements Valve has, such as max file size).


Starting to look something more than just a simple box with pipe. :slight_smile:
Still lot to do.

Front end looks kinda like the rocket launcher.

Looks like a Browning 1919 with a cooling sleeve on it.

The drum magazine is neat, and I would love to see this added into the game mounted on a tripod or something similar as a deployable, sort of like the barricades in legacy.

Also I really like how you used a hex-nut for the rear sight, that’s a really nice touch.

I’ve had a similar idea in the past.

Water pipe for the barrel,cookie bin for the drum magazine and jumping rope handles for the handles.