Is it possible to create a custom HUD using HTML? If so, how?

Hello. I’ve been wondering if there is a way to create a custom HUD using HTML. While I’m no wiz with it, HTML seems rather easy to master and I’ve already made(simple) website codes with it, so I’ve been wondering if there is a way to make a custom HUD with it. Is it possible? If so, how? I’ve only seen one example of HTML use for a little menu someone made(and it looked awesome, really well put together).

I think you may be getting HUD and GUI mixed up. Making a GUI is where one would utilize some HTML, for instance in derma, to create menu systems and such.
Creating a HUD is something done in a HUDPaint hook, updated often, and typically utilizes draw, and surface libraries.

Not really but you can draw HTML (Which means you can also draw SWF with the html) to the screen.

If your HTML page has an alpha layer (0-255) , it will turn everything above 0 to 255 (Which means every pixel is going to be like Color(x,x,x,0) or Color(x,x,x,255) )

Example ->

It also means you cannot use AA with your html render.

I did mean HUD, not GUI, but I see what you mean. It would be interesting if HTML could be used in HUDPaint though.

You would just create an HTML or DHTML derma element.

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only once, not in a hook

DHTML also supports, I’m not sure why I haven’t seen anyone do this yet.

But awesominium sucks at some things, Like drop down boxes

It is pretty bulky if you want to inline it - but you could totally design a hud on a webpage and then just load that page instead of embedding it in the script like I was before I gave up.

Transparency from HTML panels to Garry’s Mod doesn’t work properly. You’ll have issues due to Awesomium outputting textures with premultiplied alpha.

If you want your HTML page’s background to be transparent, you’re better off not using HTML at all.