is it possible to decide how fast people move with a certain swep?

like I said in the title I would like if it is possible to set to movement speed only on a certain swep.

let me know if it is possible.

Well yeah it is possible.

What gamemode is it for?
Do you want it while they’re holding the SWEP or just having the SWEP?

Just add this into SWEP:Deploy or something like that.

well It is only when the user hold it because it is for my server’s rulebreakers Iand I want to punish them instead of banning them.

if it is not possible for the swep only is it possible for a certain ulx group ?

Um, you’re going to punish them by having them hold a SWEP that reduces their movespeed? Why not just make a ULX command to reduce a player’s speed?

If you’re really adamant on using the SWEP Route, look at the SWEP:Deploy and SWEP:Holster functions.

how do i do it with a ulx group ? because the swep way is kind of complicated.


Or just make a simple chat command that will punish players move speed. If you message me on steam I can help you out when I get some free time.

thanks for the help guys found out how to do it in the xgui just add a team set the walkspeed value to whatever you want then apply the team to the rank.

I officialy mark this thread to solved :wink: