Is it possible to disable headshots?

I just got gmod, and I’ve been having loads of fun with it, but I have one main thing to ask and a few secondary things…

Main thing:
How do you disable headshots in garrysmod? I don’t mean on multiplayer servers, but if I’m making npcs to fight in my own singleplayer game I’d love to know how to disable headshots.

Is there a console command or addon for it?

Secondary thing:
I play GMOD on a laptop, and I don’t have a number pad. I can’t find an addon addressing this problem. I’m fine with just using buttons, though… but is there something that will fix this?

Tertiary thing:
Are there any NPCS that are enemy vehicles? Like the helicopters you fight in hl2?

4th thing:
Are there any useful tools that I should download? I’ve been downloading a ton of crap, but i may have missed some…

What do you mean by disabling headshots?

when you shoot any npc or player in the head, even one with 1000 hp, it kills it instantly.

How do I turn it off?

I remember there being a addon a while back that disabled/lowered the dmage npc’s took from headshots I just can’t find it right now

For your secondary problem, hit your num locke key. A patch of your keys usually on the right-hand side of your keyboard will now function as a number pad, arrayed in roughly the same fashion.
It’s pretty fun, when paired with the Air Vehicles addon.

You can bind different keys to the actions that are numpad, Or use console commands.

bind p "+gm_special 5"

Will bind p to Numpad 5 key thing.

Has anyone found something that does this yet?

Could try searching in FP Disable lower headshot damage the thread was a bit old so I can’t find it right now