Is it possible to do a mini-games/fretta server on Gmod 13?

So, I currently have a TTT community, and after playing a lot of Jokerice, a bunch of us want to to set up a Mini-game server.

I’ve heard it’s kind of hard to set-up, since Gmod removed Fretta, so I thought I might ask for some help, since I don’t know much about this stuff.

How easy would it be up to set up a map rotation system, that changes between modes?

How would we go about getting various modes on the server? I’ve seen some stuff like Deathrun on but I assume that’s out of date by now.

Apologies if this sounds stupid or something. Like, any advice or help about setting this stuff up would be great!

not that this it’s much help, but someone ported fretta, but i don’t remember where.

you could set up map rotations with a long timer, or you could get more complete and code in the mini games when it’s time to switch map.

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I’ll be more help when i get home if no one else has posted by then…

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Ok so i figured out how to change the gamemode, but you would have to do it BEFORE changing the map so that the client will download/use the correct files.

if you use the concommand “gamemode <MODE YOU WANT TO SWITCH TO>” then it will change the gamemode, then you can change the map with “map <MAP>”

P.s. Don’t use the quotes when typing it in console (or don’t double quote when using lua)

As for fretta:

OR if your lazy…

svn:// (required base gamemode)
user: anonsvn
pw: anonsvn