Is it possible to edit Lua ingame?

I’m trying to adjust my H.U.D, but I hate having to quit Garry’s mod and re-enter garry’s mod as the loading times are very slow.
So is there any way to edit lua in the game it self?

Edit the file in garrysmod/lua/ then use this console command:
lua_openscript_cl filename.lua

Same goes for server-side scripts, just without the _cl: lua_openscript

I have the hud in the lua/autorun/client folder, do I need to move it back to the LUA folder?

Get LuaPad, it’s very useful, and it’s easy to use…

Here I’ll link you:

Also if you, don’t know how to open Luapad, bind a key to luapad in-game…


You don’t have to, but it’s easier since now you have to type:
lua_openscript_cl autorun/client/filename.lua

Ah thanks. I remembered an addon for ingame lua editing but somehow I forgot.

You’re welcome.