Is it possible to entspy a decompiled map?

I have a map that I can not open and I want to try to fix it,

The issue happened when I loaded in a big prop that caused a

I want to know if I can somehow fix this issue without losing my progress as soon as I gave a prop_physics this prop model it caused it to give this error. I gave the uncomplied map to my friend but it gave the same map.

Something to note, it is a uncomplied map of another map which may of caused this issue but not sure as I couldnt find all the effects of decompiling maps.

Thank you for any help.

Open the .vmf in notepad ++ and look through it or use the search function to find the entity then delete it that way i.e

you will see some thing like, just delete that Block, save and open your vmf up in hammer again to edit it as usual

Thanks man, that worked.