Is It Possible to exec cfg's into rust?

For an example, I have a list of like 15 commands that I enter into the console to help with my fps. Its gets really annoying having to type each command over and over, so I’m wondering if i can just make a cfg and exec it through the console.
If this works id love to know as it would be very helpful.


put them into server.cfg as new lines, everytime the server launches it will use those variables – remove the command to force it back to the default variable

I don’t have a server, I use these commands client side and everytime i relaunch Rust, it resets them so I have to retype them. Anyone else have any ideas or know if this is possible? (btw i saw no command that forces the default variables in the client cfg.)

Hi, look (if nothing changed lately) in STEAMDIR/SteamApps/common/rust/cfg/client.cfg
If, for any unknown reasons, the file isn’t there, change a random command key in the internal options, and it should be created.