Is it possible to force-mount games in Gmod 13?

Is it possible to force-mount games in Gmod 13? L4D2 is downloading a DLC but i can’t mount it in gmod 13! please help! Also, please don’t tell me to wait it out, it’s downloading at 13kbps and i can’t really wait…


How do you expect to mount models that don’t exist on your machine yet.

wait it out

it’s the only way to get the DLC
‘force-mounting’ does not exist, if you want the models you’re gonna have to be patient and download the entire thing.

They already do, it’s the DLC’s models that don’t, the entire game is already installed MINUS the DLC, before the latest Gmod beta update my Portal 2 was able to mount it without it being completely installed,so the main game models are already there it’s just the DLC hasn’t finished and Gmod won’t mount it because it won’t detect that it’s not finished downloading because of the DLC, and it would be nice to just have somebody tell me how to do it…