Is it possible to get a birdseye view kinda thing?

i was lookin on steam and i saw a mod for hl2 called something like alien swarm and in the pictures it had a birdseye view kinda thing…
i was wondering if i could get this in gmod?


What i mean is a birdseye view that can follow you around and you can move your crosshair anywhere on the screen with the person following/turning around (hard to explain that last bit soz).

[A bit like thirperson view but birdseye (person) view lol]

noclip into the air and look down on everyone

Make a camera in the air pointing down?

Lol thanks but i mean seeing yourself on the ground from a birdseye view.
Shoulda made that more obvious =/

you could try the Falco Spectate Script

and then spectate up above yourself

thats kinda awesome but still not what i want soz (ill probly still use it =D lol)