Is it possible to get a rust key FREE without going through paypal when it hits 0.00?

Title says it all.


It wont ever happen

Seems kind of unfair to people who bought the game, but hypothetically I don’t see why you couldn’t…

It can happen.

Didn’t someone say minimum is $0.50?

It IS 0.50 minimum.

Learn to read and check link please.



So you are saying sense I got my key for free it’s unfair for the people who paid $200+ for their keys?

Lots of people got there keys for free… why would this not be fair? I did you calling be a cheater? xD

I feel like my comment was misconstrued. I didn’t mean to reference the people who were hand picked before the auctions began. My apologies.

It dosent matter, there will never be any keys left below like 5 dollars…

It can’t hit 0, any I doubt they will let it go below $10.

current average is 50.53, and it seems to be going up. better hurry if you want it. its down to… 41 bucks atm… with 40 keys left… ofc… you said FREE… and since it will NEVER drop below 50 cents… thats impossible.

Never come not at least to 20! it is strange that comes to a minor cost that is for the people who does not wait they think that there are others who buy it to a major price before but not ,surprise surprise!!! :dance:

Today’s auction sold out around $41.

This post makes no sense. It’s like saying “I don’t see why the payment system wouldn’t just let you skip the entire process of buying”.

People were given free keys before they stopped giving them out, whats the difference here?