Is it possible to get an ETA on the next update?

I’m talking to a lot of folks in another forum who are waiting for the next update to come back and play, so I am just curious if any of the Devs could kindly give an estimate on when the next update might arrive? Thank you.

Probably shouldn’t be asking on the forum, not sure the mods take kindly to it. You would have better luck PMing a dev, or just wait until some more info is posted on

Why not? It’s a valid question from a valid player. The title is good and specific, and I found nothing in the rules against asking about updates. The Devs are too busy to answer PMs from normal people, and I am sure many others are curious as well. They don’t have to answer me, but I’m pretty sure I can at least ask…

i know garry has answered these questions in previous threads so i see no harm in asking.

So you’ve seen other shitpost threads asking the same question and you create another shitpost thread about the same thing?

Ah another asshole I see. This has not been asked in weeks, since before the last update. Whats up with all the trolls lately? I’m guessing since keys aren’t available right now that people got nothing better to do. You the same fuckstick that put pix of his dick in another thread?

People are just curious dude. In a normal gaming company they would tell you ETAs and update you on what is going on… though the creators of Rust are much less than an average gaming studio.
It is probably best just to be patient and wait for the update. The devs have a lot to do.
You can use this to see what they are planning on updating to the game.

I’ve seen them knock a few out in the last couple of days.

Probably soon, I’m guessing next patch is the steam release one as they’re very close to their “Done before steam release columm” on trello. So maybe in the coming week or the next one?

“Later today”