is it possible to get Dino Crisis 3 models?

the reason I ask is because I don’t think there are enough dinosaur related things for SFM, and I think the dinosaurs in Dino Crisis 3 look pretty cool, so is there a way to extract models from this game, if so please tell me, i’ll be more than happy to hear what you guys say

lord knows I hope so but personally I am not so sure. maybe if emulation catches up a little more on the original xbox we might have a hope of it but other then that it’d take an iso file and people who care enough to open up her archives and that can be rare when it comes to vintage games like that. either way I wish you luck.

I have the iso, but i’m not sure what the game engine is and what can open the files

looking at full credits for the game it seems to list “3DCGI” studio was an offshoot of sega called “Hit Maker, Inc.” may have to dust off the ol’ xbox and see if i can confirm the credits. but this is a starting point for your research.

well this is definitely a stride forward, if you find out what the game engine they used was, let me know

I’ve been digging as deep as the net will let me. tbh I think it was a special prepritary engine made for the game because no reviews or aticles seem to say what engine it is so far and hitmaker used to be AM3 R and D division AM3 tended to make their arcade engines as in the am2 engine used for games like 18 wheeler pro trucker america. if I had to guess I’d say it’s likely a dirivative of the AM sega arcade engine. but again that’s just a conjecture based off the only information I can get of any substance when it comes to this game. sadly bing a 2003 game doesn’t help us much. and I saw the credits of the game myself thanks to youtube they list no engine there for liscensing only that it was made mostly using MAYA and some inhouse software they refuse to name. the game to me still looks good for a 2003 title and I feel at times it gets a lot of undue hate. but to each their own. I’ll keep trying to dig but I am hitting mostly dead links or dead ends.