Is it possible to get the Ep 1 and 2 Combine Soldier AI updates in Garry's Mod?

After finally having brought HL2: Ep 1 and 2, I’ve noticed that the Combine AI has changed, notably their radio chatter. It appears that these updates have not been ported over to GMod.
Is it possible to get these updates on GMod?

And yes, I do have Ep 1 and 2 mounted.

What? Video please?

I can’t be bothered making a video, so I’ll just explain it to you. In Eps 1 and 2 the Combine radio chatter is different and the Combine talk differently. Plus, Valve did upgrade the Combine AI in Eps 1 and 2, but it appears that these changes do not occur in GMod, even with Eps 1 and 2 mounted.

Well, make a Github request on it; Garry doesn’t read Help & Support.

this is probably because gmod by default uses the combine npc’s from hl2, with the exception being the ones that are only in the episodes (hunters, for example). the only way to have the combine npc’s with the new AI would to have gmod try to mount them from the episodes if available. the problem with that is that some people wouldnt be able to use them in multiplayer servers if they dont have the episodes.