Is it possible to get the GMod 12 Freezing animation?

When you froze something in gmod 12, it would have this little circle, and i really liked that, how would i get it into gmod 13?
is it possible to get it back?
if so can someone compile it into a simple addon? or is there a addon already?

Though it was mostly a cosmetic thing, i also liked this as it showed what part of a ragdoll you were freezing

Some ragdolls have these weird physics models that when you grab a certain part of the model, like the upper torso for example, you’re somehow grabbing the lower torso, or you’re trying to grab the shoulder, but you’re grabbing the upper torso

So you’re worried about moving the body part around because you’re not sure what part you’ve even grabbed and don’t want to mess up it’s position, so back when the Phys Gun freeze had the circle, you could at least grab and then quickly freeze the part to see what it was grabbing


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