Is it possible to get unbanned on

Just a harmless question; Is it even possible to get unbanned on
Or does all your uploads get deleted as you get banned? :ninja:

If someone manages to get banned on, they should probably stay banned as they’re obviously too childish to use it responsibly.

As far as I know, bans are permanent.


Maybe i was childish enough to get banned back then, but now i’m not, that’s why i was asking.
I’d like to have my stuff back.

If you got banned, then you don’t really deserve your stuff back. Hope that someone downloaded it.

It’s always better to prevent than to repair.
Just don’t get yourself banned.

But since you just had to do it, I may as well suggest you contact a moderators/admin and ask for it.

It’s the only thing you can do.

same thing happened to me… uploaded wiremod 8.0 latest version with extra models and got banned

Mainly because you didn’t read the Wiremod rules.

Personally I think being restricted to SVN only is stupid. It would be much easier to upload a release, but not provide support for it.

“Don’t upload other people’s stuff”

Idiots who don’t understand that non-svn versions are not supported still spam the Wire forums about things that are already solved.


And yes, don’t do that.

Well since garry isn’t exactly the most friendly and forgiving person in the world, i guess i’ll have to remake all of my packs as good as i can…

Which is why they only offer SVN. I still stand by my opinion though.

That’s a rule, unrelated to the above.

Does anyone remember my packs b.t.w.?
My username on was Lune66 i believe and i uploaded packs like UTF v1 and v2 and a bunch of other stuff people really started to like just before i gotz the ban hammer in my face D=

Lol, i can’t even remember why i got banned in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

hideip is always a solution…
also using a proxy could work :slight_smile:

That is just avoiding your ban…

Just set things right with the admins, it’s the best you can do.

Make multiple accounts is just dire.

I have sent emails to garry before, pretty long ago, anyone have any idea what could soften garry up and make him unban me on :stuck_out_tongue:

I truly, truly would like my packs back, i love them <3

How would hiding your IP or using a proxy help? If an account is banned, all its uploads will be removed regardless of what IP was using it.

Well, the only way i see you could even access at is if you search it in a different web browser
(ie: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc).

But, you got banned by garry ( yeah, the guy up there ) himself.

This is a 2 year old thread, check the dates before you post. Chances are the OP will have forgotten about it.

I have no clue why i got banned. I uploaded an svn. Is that why? Gmod is my favorite game, but why didn’t i get a warning? If you know somebody that can help, please tell me. My Steam Name is Legendman3