Is it possible to get Wiremod in Garrysmod without that SVN stuff?

I wanted to know if it is possible to get a Wiremod-Addon without that SVN-Stuff.
If it is possible, could you give me a Link?

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The only way to get Wiremod is to get it through the SVN. Wiremod constantly updates.

This link goes to their SVN guide:

If you are getting into Gmod, it is advised that you get familiar with how SVN works. It is simple and really easy to use.

if you want a outdated version then yes

@Datsun - Thanks for that tutorial!
@avon43 - Thanks for your advice!

Yes, directly from their website.

You can get the latest version of popular SVN addons (including Wiremod) at It’s pretty much a GMod SVN dump site.

SVN is like downloading the file normally, but you have the choice to actually update that application when you want to.

SVN is like steam for addons :smiley:

Thank you guys! That helped alot! :smiley:

SVN is a versioning system that is commonly abused for GMod content delivery. It’s handy as fuck but there could be better choices.

You can try out this too, it’s really easy and user friendly:

Thanks to all of you.