Is it possible to happen?

From what I’ve read in the devblogs, Garry will replace the default Rust with the reboot (experimental branch, right?) when it gets more players.
I’m sorry, but does that mean that we have to be playing in the experimental branch? It’s unplayable. I can’t find any point in doing that since you are there only to see what it looks like. A whole new map and nothing else. Just walking around and…what else. I don’t think more players can play the experimental branch than the default game.
Correct me if I’m thinking wrong, please.

It doesn’t mean you *have *to play the experimental branch right now. It just means that when the experimental branch gets to a point in development where it’s so playable/enjoyable that more people are playing it than the legacy branch, it’ll be considered, “released.” :slight_smile: More players aren’t playing it *right now *because it’s not far enough along in development, but when it is, more people will play on it, and that’s when it’ll replace the standard branch.

It’s unplayable right now. That’s why experimental doesn’t have more players than stable, and also why experimental hasn’t replaced stable.

When experimental is ready to replace stable, it will. And you’ll know that it’s ready to replace the stable build when nobody plays ‘old’ Rust anymore because the experimental version is both playable and better than the old version.

People are trying to get garry to commit to a hard deadline for the switchover to experimental, and the only deadline he has is “when it’s ready,” which he expressed as

So until experimental is actually worth playing, you don’t have anything to worry about. garry is not forcing people onto experimental to try and pump the numbers or anything to make it ‘get enough players’ to overtake the old branch. There’s no tricks here, just the slow, constant pace of development and a lot of impatient people who don’t understand how long software takes to make properly.

Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to play there and the vast majority won’t play there when things such as pvp and building are not available. That’s what I’m waiting for. Once the pvp and building is on the experimental branch, I will start playing there. I wonder how long it is going to take, though, because I’m very anxious for that already.

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There’s no real reason to care about rust in the state it’s in now. What you’re playing is barely an alpha and you should remember that.