Is it possible to have a CS:S config on Orange Box?

I’d like to use the Counter Strike: Source textures in Orange Box (Hammer), because everything has been massively updated, like the model viewer and such.
I’ve been trying to make my own configs, but no luck. Is there any way to do this without having to copy the CS:S textures into another folder?
I’ve tried making an Orange Box CS:S config exactly the same as the EP1 CS:S config, but I just end up with a messed up grid when I play it.

I don’t think CS:S would load it right. The game uses the Ep1 engine.

What he wants is the CS:S content in the orange box hammer editor to use in a game.

I would just move everything over to a game.
But if you want to keep it clean I would make my own mod And move the content to that. But that’s just me.