Is it possible to have a head as a bodygroup?

I’m working on making male and female versions of the Splinter Cell Blacklist mercenary that uses the HL2 and TnB heads for unhelmeted versions of their models. However, an issue I’m running into is that I don’t know if it’s possible to have the head as a separate bodygroup that didn’t show or exist when the helmet was applied, any help is appreciated.

Yes it is possible. You would use the body mesh as the reference mesh, and then the Helmet and other head as separate bodygroups. Keep in mind, the head and helmet has to be rigged to the same skeleton and weighted properly

Also keep in mind that bodygroups cannot have flexes on them, if you use SMD. DMX supposedly can, but that’s out of my expertise.

A much better way to do it is to have the head be a reference mesh, and have the helmet bodygroup over it. You’ll need to compile a separate model for each head, if you follow this method, however.

DMX flexes work perfectly in SFM, but break in Gmod.

That’s the most reasonable way.