is it possible to have a password on a garry's mod SQL Database?

a little new to using SQL Databases tho I do currently have mine fully setup and working along side my server and the web page for donations. however I don’t think my sql database has a password on it. I do know that it can only be messed with by the server, the web page and by the user profile I setup for the thing. however I want to be sure that nobody from outside can see anything in the sql, even if its useless to them I’d rather them not have access to view it if they can. tho my understanding of SQL is limited and I don’t know if they can see it tbh but I’d imagine that they can. could somebody give me a basic rundown of this and whether or not they can or can not see the sql and whether or not a password on it is possible and still having the server connect to it. currently the server is on 1 computer on my network. on another computer I have a WAMP server setup with a small webpage running Prometheus and an SQL database on it. I have port 80 forwarded to PC 2 and the standard ports for gmod to PC 1. the gmod server is interacting perfectly with the SQL, aswell Prometheus is aswell connecting perfectly to the SQL. people are indeed able to access my server and the Prometheus page perfectly. but ultimately I have no idea on the SQL side of things if they can see it or access it.

That user profile you set up should have a password, without that info people shouldn’t have access.

ah I see, so with out the password to that user profile there is no way for them to access the sql database then. thank you for the response ^~^