Is it possible to have a vertical DPropertySheet?


Kinda like this:

its not possible. is it even possible to draw rotated text? (properly without render targets)

You can draw rotated text using DrawLine, just think of your own font system that allows rotated text :3

In other words, completely possible, though not in a simple way.

You might be happy with the DColumnSheet.

Your gonna have to keep turning your head to read the text. :v:

I was just going to do little icons :3:

That’s a good idea.

You need to make your own VGUI element. Shouldn’t be to hard seeing as the code is already written. Just change the positions and sizes of where everything is laid out.

If you really can’t do it. Someone else would probably do it happily for you.

It’s obvious you don’t think very much of me, but could you please try and refrain from making these little comments and making up lies about my code in every reply?

You cried because I helped you?

Sorry if I misunderstood the meaning of this, but with all the other things you’ve been saying about me… :sigh: