Is it possible to have mutiple backgrounds?

Hey, I have several screen shots I’d like to make into backgrounds, but they’re all so good, so, I was wondering something. Can I make it so that you can use multiple backgrounds? Like it chooses a random background every time or something? Maybe there’s a LUA script out there… Can anyone help me, I’m sure you guys have always wanted this, right?

Maybe, I know Half Life 2 changes backgrounds. And so does TF2. So I say, give it a try.

Half life changes with the chapters… Maybe a LUA code could randomize the chapters? I dunno, I’ll look into TF2.

Just get the screenshots you want make them into vtf’s and then make vmt’s for each one naming the vmt’s background01, background02, background03 etc etc

Oh, BTW this is more a request, because I’m not even sure how to do it…


Will that work? I’ll try…


Well shit, It didn’t work, It just keeps reverting to “background01”