Is it possible to have something like GTA Sa mp's Emergency lights mod in source

Basically what it is, is instead of having just lights emitted from the car, the actual textures change once the lights are triggered to make them appear as if they were on. This being so that they are in perfect sync at least on client side with the texture animating itself. An example on youtube is here, if my explanation isn’t that great.

As one of my friends was trying to think of a way to get this work, which the only idea I have is if that you had 2 sets of driving animations, one for the lights being off and one on. But the issue is would there be a way in source’s vehicle handling to have it switch which animation it should be playing. Such as take a cop car, its driving along in some RP gamemode till it finds someone speeding. It puts the vehicles lights on which cause emitters to turn on via lua, yet the textures on the lights don’t actually appear to be on as you can’t animate textures on a model unless telling it to scroll from my knowledge. So basically I was hoping someone knows if any a way to make it so the light changes or forces it to do something along the lines changing the texture to appear sa if the lights are on based on the frames in an smd animation. If not through lua seamlessly have the client(s) have the model for the vehicle changed (if possible even) so that it appears as if the lights changed on.

Though I see the model changing idea not working if even possible by lua hooks and such because of animations changing back to the idle animation during mid turn if they hit button bound to the light emitters. If even able to be able to change into the other model with the secondary animation set.

Thanks in advance, sonic5039.

It’s scripted and not modeled in GTA:SA.

Technically you could have an animated texture for the lights but it wouldn’t really light up unless you did some lua scripting.

Animated textures don’t just scroll btw

I know they don’t scroll but I am saying as far as I know you can’t animate a texture on a model as example like sprays or in game animated textures (Since as far as I remember scrolling textures on models such as the stasis sheild etc. Besides my friend once testing it for me as I was at school). As what I am searching for I explained above, but searching for it to be done in gmod via some method probably through lua to change it so the lights appear on when necessary. Be it the lights of a cop car having the light bar triggered, alogn with the material actually animated be it through use of changing the model via lua the second its done, along with the smd animations making use of 4-3 textures (1 texture map or 2 for the car, 3 for the light bar (on one side, off the other, reverse of that and complete off.)).

This way it appears the lights are actually triggering on and off if even possible to do through scripting + mix of modeling. As unless lua can force an animation or constant change of texture I don’t see something like this working too well. Thus why I am asking here.