Is it possible to have two maps on one server? And be able to teleport/move in between them?

On my DarkRP server, I want to be able to have a raceway map on it, but have Downtown there also. That way if people want to race, they can go there. Is there a way to do this?

Not that I know of.

A pretty good mapper might be able to just remake the map with a racetrack in it?

If I knew how to make maps, I’d do that myself. But Unfortunately… I don’t :confused:

what you could Try is to accomplish something with eTrigger and some basic lua, 2 seperate Servers.
So that the Race is on an second srcds instance, fewer slots etc and as soon someone touches the Raceway Entrace or Talk to an NPC, you run connect IP as an concommand.
But i’m not so sure if DarkRP freaks out if you try to cluster your server with the same database.

I already have 2 servers running off my computer. Another one might push it to it’s limits…

there is allready a map on workshop that is downtown with a race way around it

After some searching, I couldn’t find it. You wouldn’t happen to have a link would you?

i dont know the exact map name… oh hey this might be it

its not great but…

Yes, it would be possible. You’d have the server start out in either a host-map ( blank map where you dynamically generate everything ), or one of the two maps. It is already possible to read bsp files using Lua and render the map. Others have accomplished dynamically generating maps using the mesh library. Based on those facts, it should be possible without modules but it won’t be the easiest thing to do.

Hey Ace! I already have you added on steam, if you want to explain further, message me on there!

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

My Steam seems to be acting up, it has me as offline since 3PM EST or so ( last chat log received )… Waiting for it to come back on, but send me a message. when it puts be back online I’ll receive and then I can explain.