Is it possible to ignite the "owner" of a tool?

Is it possible to ignite the “owner” of a tool? With “owner”, I mean the client who are holding the tool.
I want something like:

 TOOL.leftClick() then
if (Ignite) then

Extremely bad psudocoding, thats me! :smiley:

function TOOL:LeftClick( trace )
local pl = self:GetOwner()
local duration = 10
pl:Ignite(duration, 0)

Thanks!! And sorry for my

 mistake. I will fix it.

Yes, it’s possible. You can get the owner of the weapon by typing:

“self” stands for the weapon, and “GetOwner()” for the function that returns the entity holding the tool.

Ignite takes 1 argument, which defines how much time the player should be ignited.

One last thing, you have to write properly “TOOL.leftClick()”; It’s “TOOL:LeftClick()”

Oh-kay. And btw, what to you use the parameter ( trace ) for?

trace returns data about where and what the tool hit when you clicked and that beam shoots.