Is it possible to make a Cut scene within a Gmod Gamemode

Hey, is there anyway to make a cutscene in your game mode? Also, can I make conversations in the style of Fallout? What I mean by that is like in Fallout they have subtitles where the NPC Says something, and you have options to choose what to say back, and they respond. Can I do that with Lua? And in a gmod gamemode?


Depends on what youre looking at. Cutscenes via hammer editor? Or cutscenes via Lua?

Well his picture was covering up half the screen.

Lua please

You’re saying lua please as if you’re expecting someone here to do it all for you

No, just saying it as Please tell me about Lua, and not Hammer. I understand Hammer MUCH better than I understand Lua.

I am pretty sure you would simply have a npc entity that when you press e on it , it will slowly zoom in.

For the text you can simply have a derma window pop up after you press e on the npc.

If you wanted to make it look cool you could make it where the npc draws after the default hud hook and then blur the default hud look. This way it gives you a nice DOF effect. You can also just do some simple calculations for the zooming by messing with the calcview hook.

Thank you