Is it possible to make a garry's mod map from a saved game?

While I was playing a map on Garry’s mod, I was adding stuff to it, and making it a little more fun for death matching with me and my friends. The problem is, I wanna be able to host a multiplayer game and use that map, so we can all play. Does anyone know how to create a map for it or anything…? Or something like that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Advanced Duplicator.

How do I use the Advanced Duplicator to make the saved game into a map…?

Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. To get wiremod, use SVN. Here’s an SVN tutorial

To use adv duplicator, build whatever it is you want to build, then right click it with the adv duplicator tool. Once it has Ghosted your creation, hold Q and click Save. You can then go to any server and use the download/upload menu to upload your creation to the server.


You can’t. And you can’t save your little “map” in advanced duplicator.

To create maps, learn Hammer.

For the record, we wern’t telling him that’s how you do it.

then what were you trying to say? Loll

You can adv duplicate the scenario, lots of props copied into a file, where you can then put the props back EXACTLY HOW THEY WERE, ON ANY MAP, ANYWHERE.
As long as they are all constrained to eachother in some way.

Go to the Saved game.
Contrain all the props together if they arent already.

Pull out the adv duplicator.
RIGHT CLICK the props.
go to the adv menu and click save
type in a name.

Step by Step

  1. Build your layout.
  2. Pull out the rope tool, make sure Rigid is unchecked, width is 0 and add length is set to a high number, such as 9001.
  3. Rope each contraption or whatever together with these settings.
  4. Right-Click one thing with Adv. Duplicator, and save it. This will save ALL of it.
  5. When you want to play this layout again, open the map you made it on, open the file in Adv Duplicator, check “Paste At Original Location”, and fire!

VIOLA! YOUR LAYOUT, just as you remember it.

Soo, if I connect everything together with a rope, can I get rid of it when i Advance Duplicate it back on the map?


Weld is a better idea.

Or don’t connect them at all and just hold down Shift and right click with adv duplicator. :smiley:

Can you do a chain of unconstrained props if you hold down shift?!?! I didn’t know that! Also, I do know that you can reload on a constrained prop to remove it (reload with the tool you used on it, that is) does that not work with adv. dupe?

No. When you click Reload, an Adv Dupe Spawner is spawned (it’s like a prop spawner except it spawns adv dupes)

Waitt. Lol. So what happens if I hold down shift and right click with that…? Kinda lost me there :o