Is it possible to make an rp map entirely out of l4d content

I was wondering if it was possible to port all the content then make a map then release it with the models and material pakratted in.

Nope, impossible.

Yes you can. The rp map I’m working on now mostly contains L4D content, and I’m building under the HL2:EP2 config.

It’s completely possible. But since you require some manual work to get the models into Gmod or HL2:DM, it makes it a little hard to release it as an RP map.

Well, you can do it, but I wouldn’t recommend pakratting all the models in as that would be classed a warez. Have a free box for such a question.

True because the textures won’t work in the episode 1 engine, But Garry’s Mod runs on the Orange box engine so it is possible to port all materials models, so I may need to create a small map with l4d content. Maybe users of the map should port everything themselves.