Is it possible to make brushes or whatever-is-a-solid rotate in-game?

I was thinking of this for a gamemode of mine, where you could press buttons that changes the gravity, well, pretty easy to change the gravity but now the problem is that I want the map’s brushes to rotate, so that it doesn’t look like your climbing a vertical wall, but you’re still standing on an horizontal floor. Is this possible?

You mean like you are always standing up on something? Would be impossible to do it completely brush based in multiplayer.



Yeah, I meant that. I’ll just keep what I have now or just completely disable that feature, thanks for the help anyway.

Well you have the issue of Vis-Leaf leaks…

Like this?

You need to do a lot of modding.

If it’s a gamemode, rotate the player’s view based on the hit-normal of a trace to his feet. Then you can rotate his world model to match. One issue will be it’ll be very hard to shoot them as there’s an issue with that (I believe), and there may be issues with collisions not rotating too.

There are maps for hl2dm and portal that rotate the geometry. It has it’s limitations but can be made to look pretty seamless.

But yeah, down is always down unless you mod it.

Wow that’s sexy

things like: parent, func_rotating would do fine

That was with I was doing, but the mouse control were really hard to use due to the rotated view.

I admittedly haven’t played with the idea, though I’d like to. I guess you could use lua to make ‘up’ always move the camera ‘up’ relative to the player’s new angle, though that might be rather expensive and kind of hackish.