Is it possible to make my dedicated server a little faster?

I am not talking about actual specs but rather optimising some settings. I have a vserver at a pretty good host and the latency is low. However when people start building stuff and the physics start to get wierd it quickly slows down to a crawl (mostly when people crash trains into each other or something)

Here are my vservers specs:
Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 / v4
2 dedicated Cores
8 GB RAM (DDR4 ECC Reg.)
50 GB SSD-Storage
100 MBit/s

I cant afford a better one rn so this one has to do. I checked how much its used and its not under much load most of the time.

I am running nothing but the standard gmod server stuff on it and a apache webserver (Really only used for a loading screen and some basic file storage).

Are there some server settings I could change to make sure it uses the available resources better/more to ensure that the server feels more fluid?

Single threaded performance is important so your CPU will matter a lot.

Lower tickrate(try 30 instead of the default 66).

It’s also possible that it’s not running at it’s full clock speed it’s base is around 2.2~GHz so have fun trying to negotiate them to up the base or let it run free willy on it’s boost clock.

Since you mention it’s a vserver(Virtual Server) there’s probably not much you can do so yeah you’re at the mercy of your host.