Is it possible to make my own server on rust free?

Like hosting through home internet, same as minecraft?

Yes, anyone can download the Rust dedicated server for free on SteamCMD. These instructions are up-to-date and should help you. If you don’t want to install Oxide (which will cause your server to be modded and be listed in the Modded tab), skip those steps.

You will need to make sure that the server port and port+1 are forwarded in your router. For example, the server runs on port 28015 by default, so you would need to forward 28015 and 28016, otherwise your server won’t be reachable and/or won’t show on the server list.

OP: Can you make any donation things that will auto-give people 9000 metal ore for 2,99€ for example? :wink:

I doubt you would be able to sustain a population big enough to get donations rolling in on a home PC, this is the first time I’ve heard of donations on rust but on other games I’ve played donations for starter kits were usually to help cover server hosting costs and there was little profit to be made

Have fun herding cats setting it up too :slight_smile:

If anyone manages to find a bunch of drooling jamokes willing to shell out money for resources on an empty server run off some guy’s shitty laptop, PM me and I"ll cut you in for 15% of all the bridges I sell them.