Is it possible to make objects have pre-set paths?

Ok, this might be a dumb question with an answer clearly stating “NO”, but it’s always worth a try - isn’t it?
Ok, so while I’m filming I want two vehicles to move on this path:

(Can’t be arsed to open Photoshop)

Is this possible? Or does it require a shitload of manual labor?

I don’t think it’s possible, maybe with Lua but I’m not sure. You’d most likely have to get 1 person driving each car unfortunately. You can set cameras to move on a path though.

It is possible with Wiremod.

I know the camera thing, and that’s what I’m planning. However I don’t like the idea of one person driving each vehicle. Especially when I’m changing host_timescale.


How would you do it?

Depending on who you ask, it would be pretty hard to do.
However, when I saw this thread an idea came to me: An Expression 2 chip that allows you to record your own movement and aim direction, and replay it later on. A camera would fly by itself, following the path you recorded and aim in the direction you were aiming when you recorded :slight_smile:
Good idea?

The first part would be great if you could LUA code it.
The second part already exists.

I use it all the time. Really helpful.

EDIT: I’ll make a request thread for it.


Oh right you wanted two vehicles to follow a path, not cameras.
Well that’s the same thing. Just don’t record the aim direction.

One way to do it with wiremod using Waypoints, and without Expression 2:


  • Beacon sensor, outputting world position
  • Vector thruster on the front of the car
  • GPS close to the vector thruster (the closer the better)
  • 3 Subtract gates somewhere on the car
  • A path of loads of waypoints. Right click them to link them together to create a path.
    “A” of one subtract to the beacon sensor “X”. “B” of that subtract to the GPS “X”.
    “A” of another subtract to the beacon sensor “Y”. “B” of that subtract to the GPS “Y”.
    “A” of the last subtract to the beacon sensor “Z”. “B” of that subtract to the GPS “Z”.
    “X”, “Y”, and “Z” of the vector thruster to the correct subtract gates.

And finally, link the beacon sensor to the first waypoint in the path.
UNTESTED but it should work.