is it possible to make searchlights?

kind of a long shot with the limits of hammer but i thought id just ask.

or if any of you have played sonic cd, stardust speedway

i could have sworn i have seen them in tf2 somewhere as well…

yes use a pont_spotlight parent to your model of the search light

A simple spotlight is easily doable with an angled model of your liking, point_spotlight for the beam effect, and both of these parented to a func_rotating. See L4D No Mercy finale rooftop for example.

and that creates a beam of light as well?


thanks. too bad you cant make a cone shaped beam but oh well, the desperate cant be picky.

you could try something along the line of volumetric ligting

Iirc you can make the point_spotlight’s beam very cone shaped if you play around with the start and end widths. It should shape up nicely.

i cant find any start/end width options. only beam width.

oh well, cant be picky when im desperate

if your using point_spotlight the option is Spotlight Length, just set that to the height of the skybox