Is it possible to map for HL2/GMod on a Mac?

I haven’t been playing GMod for very long (since last fall) and I was wondering whether it is possible for Mac OSX users to make custom maps for HL2 and GMod. I know that the Source SDK, which includes the Hammer editor, is only for the Windows operating system. Is there any way to map on a Mac without porting Hammer and/or the whole Source SDK?

Edit: Bootcamp is not an option
Edit #2: This isn’t a Mac flaming thread. I use Mac because it isn’t based on top of a very old operating system, which means it does not crash as much, and that there are less viruses for the Mac OSX.

You can map in Google Sketchup I believe

But how would you add interactive objects (such as doors) textures, spawn points, etc.? Adding those would be impossible, if not very tricky, involving loads of coding

You’ll want to run it on Windows, the SDK is buggy enough in it’s native environment.
You should be alright using a heavily discounted version of Windows in VirtualBox

I believe macs have bootcamp, so you can install a copy of windows onto your mac (dual boot).

Or…ya know…use a pc. Not that there is any difference between them now.


Actually, You can make zombies and other entities In sketchup. Then go through the tedious process of texturing in textwrangler by designating the texture in the vmf

For Gmod/HL2? No. L4D and above? Maybe, Valve has released a set of vbsp/vrad/vvis tools for the mac, but there’s no GUI for using them other than the Portal Testchamer Editor, you can use QuArK I think

I forgot to add that for me, bootcamp does not seem to work for anything. I can’t even download the windows software needed just to run notepad.

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I don’t have access to one.

Bet you are wishing you had a pc now…

A mac is a Personal Computer.
Its just not a Personal Computer with windows installed on it.

Apple would disagree, mainly because apple like to try and fool people that they are buying a piece of art designed for their needs. Where as people with windows pcs get past the obvious flaws of the system and have access to so much more.

Macs are getting more stuff now, but its a slow process. Mac’s used to be good for grahical design, but now they use standard hardware, all that is left is the os.

If bootcamp isnt an option, couldn’t you just install windows on a 2nd drive?

And sadly, my Dad bought a Mac because “People buy Apple products, and they make a lot of money, so it must be great.” Sure, Macs are good, but for literally every single use anyone who would be using it can be done on a PC. Not to mention you can get the same specs on a PC for cheaper than it would be on a Mac.

I’m sure people love paying £2,500 for a mac when an equiv windows machine would be over half that.

It’s PC only, and to be able to use it without bootcamp I would have to pay $60+ for some software like crossover

Yes, yes I am.

That’s got me thinking…

I thought someone already ported it since it’s basically phyton. But ahahahah No you don’t. Just go to and get wine

I’m not very good at porting with wine.