is it possible to mount a source mod?

hi i only have a question that i need a answer for:if i have the gm mount, can i mount a source mod like NH1,NH2 etc.

gm_mount2 can do this, I know because I unexpectedly found a mod I was working on in the mount list XD

LOL, i just happily pull apart the mod, and then turn it into an addon, i dont release becouse then it would be STEALING, arghh that word is painfull! annyways were can i get this GM_mount2 annyways ??? ill try google, seems to work for everything i suppose.

What happens if you mount GMod 9


then Gmod 10 crashes because the GM9 props don’t support the GM10 shaders

Except you’re wrong. They would work just fine, that is, all 5 of the custom props that came with that game anyway.

I miss the crossbow toolgun :saddowns:

Simply take the models / materials / sounds folders from the mods files, and place them elegantly into your garrysmod folder.

That stopped working a long time ago…

The world collapses into itself.