Is it possible to obtain a key to play

Edit: I cannot. It’s answered no need for more posts carrying on about anything.

I can already see all the hate I’m about to receive from this question :suicide:, I’m just asking…

If it’s not possible. Just post once. Don’t complain that I asked. And read if somebody has already answered. There’s no need for half the arguments that go on when asking about keys.

I’m going to go ahead and flame you for posting something you know you’re going to get flamed for.
There are no ways to get beta keys unless you buy gold. Read the fucking wiki and FAQ next time.



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A simple “no” would be more appreciated than the use of unnecessary language.

I don’t know why people are so obsessed with getting there accounts banned.
But creating a post asking for key is not the way. If you had read the forum, you would know.


So I’m going to be banned. What a pathetic rule.

I’m sorry but you people keep pissing me off. There are at least 20 posts on this forum, locked, FAQs, wikis, main threads that say you can’t get keys.

I am no mod, so I can’t tell you 100% if you will get banned or not.
But I have seen users get banned for just that.

Being horrible at reading should be bannable, tbh.
You’re not going to get banned unless you start flaming or doing something that is not allowed in the rules.

How can I be horrible at reading, when I didn’t read this post in the first place.
Just stop posting there’s no need for an argument.