Is it possible to port from arma2?

I’m talking about models like ragdolls and weapons. Can it be done?

I seriously wish, but at the moment bohemia interactive still has their heads up their arse and won’t let anyone take their stuff outside their game. You COULD still port it if you don’t tell anyone-

Didn’t they stop caring a while back?

yep, they do not care anymore

All the p3d files, un-binarised for ARMA2 including the DLC’s were released months ago, all you need to do is convert the .paa (textures)with texview to tga’s and skin away till your hearts content, and convert the p3d (models) files with Oxygen 2 to 3ds and there you have it, no need to rip anything from the game :smiley:

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When I convert the p3d (models) files with Oxygen 2 to 3ds
Then load the model in 3ds
The gun only calls for 1 texture,instead of the several different textures for stock,scope, barrel etc
Does anyone who how to fix this issue


There may be a more elegant way that I’m not aware of, but I always had to manually figure out which part of the mesh used the various textures. It should be fairly logical, but just grab all the textures you need and assign them to the mesh to get an idea of which parts use each texture. Then manually separate the mesh into different pieces based on the textures and assign each piece the appropriate materials/textures. This can take awhile, but it works.

@ phantom444
do I grab all the textures I need and assign them to the mesh,in oxygen2,or in 3ds ?


then what about arma 3?
cause most of the files are already binarise.
and theres this guy who manage to export it

edit : nvm, i think i just found a way to export it.
silly me:suicide:

Don’t worry about textures in oxygen, just export the mesh from it. Assign the textures in 3ds max.

Really, BIS doesn’t care about porting anymore? What about mods?

you’d have to ask the mod creators

I was under the understanding that was majorly understood by the understanding populace that the understood legal words in the terms of use papers was understood that if you copied the well-understood files over from that game to another well-understood game, you would be fined 500 dollars by the fbi via ransomware.

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I’d rather just rip that shit with 3D Ripper DX tbh, gives you the mesh split and you know where to put which texture

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