Is It Possible To Port Half-Life Models To Garry's Mod?

The reason why I ask this question, is because I plan to make a Model Pack out of all of the existing Half-Life models and assets. If it is indeed possible, then what program should I use? Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a good day.

valve already did it.

I know that, but I meant from the original Half-Life. Not Half-Life Source. I don’t even have the money for it. I want to do it all from scratch, anyway.
[Yes, I do have Half-Life 1, but not Half-Life: Source.]

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Your avatar is just perfect for this situation my friend.

OP, you are better off getting HLSource. The models are basically the same.

If you still want to do it, you will need a decompiler for the original models. You will then need to import them into a 3d editor and save them as SMD.

After that, you can take the original qc and retool it for source use and use them to compile the models.

You will have to save the original textures as VTF and write VMTs for them.

Sorry, while I started modelling by porting HL1 models, it was years ago and I do not remember most of the details anymore.

To add to this, you’ll also need to make a collision mesh and set up the QC file for it if you’re making a ragdoll.

The HL:S models are 1:1 the same. Valve didn’t even really port them, they used a batch file converter to compile them under the new engine, then made cheap collision models for the ragdolls.

Emphasis on cheap.


Yeah that’s pretty much all they’d have to do. It’s fairly simple.

Maybe OP wants to port other Half-Life models, like say porting weapons from Sven Co-op? :boxhide: