Is it possible to port maps from CoD to Source?

So, I was checking out a common custom zombie maps forum and they posted a tutorial on how to port maps from Source to CoD.Tutorial I’ve also seen tutorials on how to port Q3 maps to Source Tutorial I was just curious if this could be done in reverse. I know that CoD4 and WaW maps decompiled are in the .map format and they use radiant. I was just curious if it’s possible or if anyone knows anything that could point me in the right direction, It would be greatly appertained. I’m currently working on a kind of big CoD project so that’s why I’m interested in trying to get some Call of Duty themed maps to go along with it. Or at the very least have somebody work on some properly themed maps with me. Thanks

From what I understand, Most modern cods (and many other games) have most of their maps composed of models, so you would have to port the models and assemble them in the proper shape, while using brushes and displacements to fill in for whatever they use besides models. It requires a fair amount of work, and I doubt you can get a 1:1 version like you can with earlier games, but its worth a try. There are several WaW maps I would love to see in gmod.

Mind you, that’s how I believe U3 works, not really sure about radiant. Maybe there is something different, maybe some expert will post here.

Thanks for the post, yeah I haven’t had much luck with posts so far. The way I see it is even if I could just get the geometry from the maps and then do the rest that would be good enough for me

I know that the older COD’s were brush based, so it might be possible (Up to world at war, at least). You could always try and contact CompoSITe (He made some classic maps like Crash from COD 4 and started his career with CS 1.6 map making) Here’s his Steam:

Cod4 and mw2 looked like it had a fair amount of bsp geometry too. Its gonna be a pain in the ass to port cod to source because gmod’s version of source uses vertex ligthign on models, basically if you have a big building as a model its gonna end up looking pretty bad, unless you add lots of polys on it and even then… lol

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lol cod 4 has crazy amount of brushes actually

It might be easier ripping the textures and just rebuilding it in Source as best you can .

Yeah I’m not worried about using the buildings as models or anything like that. If I could just port the geometry of the map into source because the reason I don’t want to recreate from scratch like the other guy suggested is because other people have done that and the dimensions haven’t come out correct. Like I saw a guy make Crash for CSGO and it’s too close together. If I can at least have the geometry of everything the maps will be the proper size.

Yeah I’ve wanted to talk with him since I’m a huge fan of all his CoD4/MW2 maps. I’ve just heard he isn’t friendly at all, and I don’t think he’d be a fan of my work.

I really want to nail the map size and people who have done that with Rust,Terminal,Crash all seem to make the maps to tight together with there remakes. I’d like a replica when it comes to the maps size. That’s why i want the geometry so bad.

What you can do is take the top down mini map the use in the mp UI in cod4 and use it as a blueprint texture to build the buidlings from. Better than nothing. Dunno if you can import geometry into source tho, theres probably a way, but you gotta do research on that

I was thinking if you used 3dripper or something to export the map as a giant model into hammer and then using that as a reference of where shit needs to go, and then deleting the giant model

If you can get the geometry out of cod4 and WaW, you should not have trouble. Just fix up the textures and position the models and you should be alright. Displacements will probably be a bitch though, and you will probably have to wholly redo lighting.
Good luck on that.
I will investigate porting CoD maps myself, some of the cod1,2,3 and WaW maps interest me and since they have brushes, that’s enough to make me want to try.

So I found this which apparentely is related to the maps that were previously ported to source. Just thought it might be noteworthy.

I will keep searching.

Wow, what a great find! Thank you

That would be a good idea

Given how much of those maps are actual brushes, recreating the architecture would not be hard, then you would just have to port the actual models and textures from the game to finish it up.
You do need to take care to scale the giant model to source character size first, and scaling everything else based on that.

Do also remember that unlike source, CoD maps are infinite. All those distant skybox objects are actually there. If you go into spectator you can move all the way to them. Given how cod maps are really small, you can probably make the skybox like that in source too, althought it would be a little fiddly.

Tried to export a CODWaW level with 3dripper but it failed and I only got a single deformed plane.

If anyone could export battery and sub pens into hammer-loadable models that would be awesome.

From the link you provided I opened the highrise .map in Hammer 3.5 and saved it as a .rmf. The current Hammer can open .rmf’s fine. I got it opened in the CS:GO version and am now playing around with it. Might actually fix it up a bit and texture it in my free time. Surprisingly it seems like almost everything is on grid too.

So does anyone know how to get any other map sources besides the linked ones? It’d be an interesting experiment to port some maps over to Source, but I can’t seem to find .map files for any other maps.

There probably aren`t. Those sources are implied to have been made by someone in specific.

Your best bet is to try using 3dripper to creates models out of the maps and rebuild from there. If you can get me 3d models out of the world at war maps, or anything for that matter, that would be mighty fine.

Ok, so the plan to use 3dripper seems to have failed.
However, there might be a way to decompile maps and transfer them to source via .map. I know the AlterIW guys were fiddling with unfinished maps found in the code a loooooong while back, so there should be a way to decompile. Problem is all the game files are inside some strange compressed format that I do not know how to open. I will look into it further.

Decompressing to .map is exactly what I was asking about.